• The suspension of the payment of the installment for 3 times (“Suspension rate” option active after 24 paid installments)
  • Payment receipts and other online documents
  • The Good Finance policy to protect you from serious events that may affect your mortgage repayment capacity

The Good Finance policy has a single premium and its amount is calculated based on:

  • duration
  • insured capital
  • age
  • postponement between maturity of the loan and expiry of the policy

Fixed rate repayment plans

There are two fixed rate repayment plans: the basic and the light . In the basic plan the rate, and consequently the amount of the installment, are defined during the negotiation phase and remain unchanged for the entire duration of the loan.

The light plan instead provides for a first period of variable duration from 12 to 120 months during which the installment is composed only of interest. In this way it is lighter and engages less young people who may have been amazing not yet up to their potential.

Floating rate repayment plans

The variable rate plan is unique and provides that the rate and installment vary depending on the performance of the indexing parameter. The benchmark may be the one-month Euribor or the MRO (Main Refinancing Operations), the rate on ECB refinancing operations.

To whom should this mortgage be appropriate

Due to its characteristics this product would be good for everyone. Intesa Sanpaolo, however, limits the possibility of entering into young people, with a maximum age of 35 years. Young people can find us different advantages.

The possibility of financing the entire value of the home is certainly a winning feature that allows you to buy the house even if you have no money to spare.

Untypical workers can access this mortgage. A vast audience of VAT numbers, project workers, seasonal workers, seafarers, etc., will not be slammed by the door when they go to the bank to apply for a mortgage. Obviously it is necessary that these have an adequate income with the requested amount and above all with the economic commitments that are assumed and therefore with the installment to be paid.

About the installment: being aimed at young people, this loan also grants very long durations , up to 40 years for the fixed rate. The possibility of spreading the debt over such a long period makes it possible to contain the amount of the installments . But be careful, very long durations also mean a lot of interest to pay .

Other conditions of the Intesa Sanpaolo youth loan

Other conditions of the Intesa Sanpaolo youth loan

  • Preliminary charges: from € 550 to € 1,150 based on the percentage of the value of the financed property
  • Costs of appraisal: Variables based on the amount of the loan
  • Sending paper and online documents: free