According to the announced family support, the loan reduction of large families may cost more than HUF 40-50 billion, which, according to the economic press, is not covered by the bank tax due next year. Prime Minister Vinot Lorban announces a family support program, with family support


According to which the debt of 3-4 children is reduced by HUF 1 million.

According to the CSO’s research, last year nearly 650,000 home loan contracts were registered. The number of large credit agreements concluded by large families can reach up to 50,000, so the state would pay one billion forints to financial institutions.

Preliminary prospects indicate that the government could credit this amount through a bank tax because it is unlikely that banks will be obligated to credit it!

Based on the 2017 budget, $ 66.5 billion will flow from the banking sector, with tax cuts expected to continue in 2018, with new items such as corporate income tax subsidies to expand corporate loans, sums available for sports at financial institutions. The write-off could also be made eligible for a corporation tax payment.

Professionals reject the possibility that the government would exclude families that already have more children from credit relief.

Katharine Lovak, State Secretary for Family, Youth and International Affairs at the Ministry of Human Resources, said that those who have benefited from the newly available Family Home Creation (CSOK) benefit cannot count on relief. The CSO research excludes 20,751 applicants and only a small number of CSOK applicants have taken out a loan.


What will happen to former beneficiaries of social policy benefits?

What will happen to former beneficiaries of social policy benefits?

It is not yet known that the benefit can only be applied to the capital debt or the total debt. For large families, this will help, although monthly repayments will not be significantly reduced for those who are in debt because they will first pay fees and costs. Another question is what will happen to the terminated and sold contracts? According to Bankmonitor, a monthly installment of $ 5 million over a 10-year period may reduce the monthly installment from $ 53,000 to $ 42,000 due to new conditions for well-paying debt-free debtors. The banking sector may not charge the 1% standard amount unless the banks ask for other contributions from the government for the settlement of previous loan support.

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